⋒ Life's too short to have boring hair ⋒

GLEEBEE is a Brussels based brand that specializes in handmade accessories with the extra cuteness factor.

GLEEBEE has got you covered with fun and colorful hair clips, bows for every taste, headbands, brooches and a zero collection in which we repurpose our fabric scraps. We put extra love and care into each product and they are all made with 10 little fingers in our workshop in Brussels.

To preserve the originality and uniqueness of the brand, the collections change often, constantly bringing fresh new items. Only the bestsellers tend to stick around for a while longer.

Custom orders are welcome, please send us a message! Reach out to us anytime, and we will happily get back to you! Drop us a line at talktogleebee@gmail.com or talk to us through our facebook page or instagram account