Hello everyone! 
Behind Gleebee there is a crafty mama who loves to create unique and fun things. Also, since her daughter was born (with lots of hair), she knew that she had to start decorating (or should we say, taming) her hair right away.
It evolved from a hobby to a passion, and with the help of her daughter, now a young child with a strong opinion, she’s always looking for original ideas and new paths to explore.
Gleebee specializes in handmade accessories that are sure to make a colourful and fun statement. We especially love to make one of a kind items, to match its one of a kind future wearers.
Custom orders are welcome, please send us a message! Reach out to us anytime, and we will happily get back to you! Drop us a line at talktogleebee@gmail.com or talk to us through our facebook page or instagram account